New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is among the millions of Americans missing sports these days. But in order for the MLB and other major pro leagues to return to New York, some creative thinking will be needed.

In a weekend press briefing, the governor said that he’d welcome the return of sports but couldn’t quite foresee how teams like the Yankees or Mets would be able to play with the packed stadium crowds they’re used to. Nevertheless, he didn’t rule out the possibility that they could play in the Big Apple at some point this year.

“We want to bring sports back,” Cuomo said. “Everyone has to think outside the box because there is no box.”

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The MLB is facing at least a two-month delay in its 2020 season after officials halted all operations in mid-March. A number of contingency reports have surfaced as to how the season could commence in the wake of a pandemic, including the use of hub locations within Florida, Texas and Arizona. Whether games ultimately go forward from those states exclusively or in ballparks like Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, the league is facing an economic issue over potentially empty stadiums.

Without naming names, Cuomo revealed that he’s spoken with various team owners and acknowledged that there would be significant challenges on their end when it comes to the loss of revenue from fans attending games. However, he maintained that any games played under abnormal circumstances would be better than a continued lack of sports.

“Be creative. Try to figure it out,” he said. “But if players could get paid more than staying home and owners would get some revenue versus total shutdown, why not?  I’d love to watch it.”

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci echoed that thought earlier this month and said that it appeared more likely than not that games might be played without fans, the return of baseball would be welcomed either way.