In an effort to go green, secondary ticketing marketplace TicketNetwork launched its rooftop solar array, which adds to the company’s collective resume of environmental initiatives. On Earth Day, the company is proud to present its benefits.

Last October, TicketNetwork celebrated the completion of the 1.4MW solar array on the roof of its headquarters in South Windsor, Connecticut. The array covers most of the available space on the 200,000 square foot roof surface. Already, the headquarters array has generated enough energy to cover about 70 percent of the building’s energy use; this is equivalent to 1,460 barrels of oil, offsetting an estimated 1.39 million pounds of carbon dioxide.

In under four years, the rooftop system – installed by EnterSolar – is expected to provide a full return on the capital expenditure of its installation. The environmental benefits will continue for decades to come, adding to the two other arrays in nearby building in Vernon, which generate 100-150KW each.

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TicketNetwork CEO Don Vaccaro explained in a press release that he is pleased with the impact the company’s project has made on the community.

“It benefits our business by helping reduce our own reliance on the electrical grid but goes far beyond that,” Vaccaro said. “It’s important for us to be a leader and role model for other businesses in our community, and this project’s impact is a big part of that.”

The solar array adds to TicketNetwork’s goal to become an environmental steward. The company’s employees already benefit from community gardens and orchards on site, as well as an animal sanctuary with stress-relieving chickens, goats, llamas, and pigs.

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