Australian ticket seller INTIX has developed a new contact tracing add-on to its platform aimed at keeping citizens safe while helping venues and live events cautiously return to business amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The add-on will assist the Australian government track cases of COVID-19 by providing details on potentially impacted event-goers, if required. According to INTIX founder and CEO Alex Grant, its development stems from the government’s COVIDSafe App which similarly works to quickly notify individuals that may have come in contact with others infected by the virus.

“We developed this add-on in the hopes that by assisting the Government with contact tracing we may be able to cautiously help our customers open their doors and get events and gigs back up and running,” Grant said in a statement. “From what I understand, not everyone has downloaded the Government App, however, this ticketing add-on we have developed should assist the Government to reach more people.”

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The add-on works by adding contact tracing to ticket purchases for events, while the INTIX ‘at-event’ app also allows event organizers to trace the steps of anyone who tests positive for the virus. Grant assures that patrons’ privacy will be upheld.

“Event goers will need to agree to this use of their data and it will only be provided to the Government if required and in compliance with Federal privacy laws,” he said.

Overall, the initiative is a step towards getting the live event industry back on its feet in a new era of social distancing measures and other safety protocols outlined by the government.

“We are excited to launch this initiative and look forward to seeing the event industry back up and running,” Grant added.“It’s clear that mass gatherings will not go ahead without some way to track who’s turning up in case they are later diagnosed with COVID19.” advertisement