Although music fans are craving live events now more than ever, fewer than half of Americans plan to go to sports events, concerts, movies, and amusement parks when they reopen to the public without a proven coronavirus vaccine, according to a new opinion poll reported by Reuteres/Ipsos.

The poll surveyed 4,429 American adults from April 15 to 21. Respondents were asked questions regarding their previous attendance at sports events and live concerts, as well as their interest in attending live events before a coronavirus vaccine is available.

The results showed that only about four in 10 who follow sports avidly and go to arts and entertainment venues said they would do so again before a vaccine was available, while another four in 10 said they were willing to wait, even if if it takes more than a year to develop a vaccine. The remaining surveyors said they “don’t know” what they would do, or they may never attend events and entertainment venues again.

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Various sports leagues are pushing to move forward with their respective seasons this year. However, the poll revealed that only 17% of American adults would return to professional sporting events when they reopen to the public and 26% would rather wait until there is a vaccine. Those who attended a sporting event in the past year were slightly more optimistic, with 42% saying they’d return as soon as possible and 39% saying they’d wait more than a year for a vaccine.

A few leagues – like Major League Baseball, The National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League – are considering moving forward with their season without fans. In the poll, 59% of sports fans agreed that the leagues should hold games in empty stadiums, while 33% were against this idea.At this point, the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell believes the football season can go on as planned, though he did not specify if fans will be in attendance.

According to a new survey, conducted by the United Talent Agency, 90% of concertgoers have sought to replace the live music experience while constrained to their home, Pollstar reports. Answers of 1,100 random respondents showed that music fans are ultimately craving live experiences and music fans are doing whatever they can to keep the spirit of concerts alive – particularly through live streams. Nonetheless, the poll shows that 55% of Americans said movies, theaters, or concerts should not return until a vaccine is available.

At this point, live events in general remain halted. Thousands of concert tours and festivals across the globe have been cancelled or postponed, theme parks and movie theaters are indefinitely closed, and Broadway has shut its doors until at least June.

Last Updated on May 5, 2020