As the country and globe phase into a new normal, venues are struggling to adapt seating to new ticketing and seating scenarios. has been busy sharing information with clients to educate them on the existing capabilities of the ProVenue® system to better prepare them for upcoming events.

“We always want to provide venues with options,” commented Derek Argobright, Chief Technology Officer at “Venues wishing to adhere to social distancing guidelines can leverage ProVenue’s native support for Social Distance Seating. Our products are easy-to-configure and able to support both back office and online sales.”

What is Social Distance Seating?

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need for people from different households to maintain a safe and respectful physical distance to reduce any risk of cross-contamination. At events, this means that patrons will have to enter the venue using social distancing guidelines and be seated where no one in any single party is within a pre-determined distance from another party.

Venue Entry Considerations:

· Staggered physical entry into the venue and seating area(s) allows patrons to enter in a way that adheres to safe distance practices.

· Self-service (unattended) entry kiosks provide a means for ticket validation without the need for interaction with a nearby attendant.

Seating Configuration:

· Within a specific row, considerations may require whether a given party of patrons should have to pass by another party to get to their seats. Depending on the size of parties, that might mean that no more than two parties can be seated in the same row.

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· Within the same row, a specific number of empty seats may need to be maintained between parties.

· Potentially, a party sitting in a specific row should not have any party sitting in a row directly in front or behind their seating location.

Each organization will need to evaluate their venue configuration to determine adherence to appropriate governmental guidelines.

With ProVenue and MyProVenue™ venues can manage entry by configuring seats with specific entry and time slot details. Each ticket can have an assigned group number printed on it, used to stagger entry into the venue.

The dynamic nature of the Social Distance Seating capabilities is unique. Clients have powerful and flexible options when it comes to re-opening events under social distancing guidelines.

Social Distance Seating employs Hold Codes to determine which seats are available for sale and which remaining seats to block when a set of contiguous seats is locked for sale. For example, if a party of five purchases seats from a group of six seats, the remaining seat will dynamically be blocked from sale.

Sports and entertainment organizations face new challenges to provide safe and secure venues for live events. Utilizing existing features available today in products from gives venues the needed flexibility and functionality to enable Social Distance Seating.

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