As the live event industry starts to build itself back up amid the coronavirus pandemic, Eventbrite has launched an actionable playbook to help creators move forward following widespread cancellations.

The guide, dubbed COVID-19 Safety Playbook, was developed by top risk management and health experts, giving guidance regarding new safety policies and procedures. It includes downloadable worksheets and communication templates to help creators understand their rules and responsibilities at upcoming events, create a pre-safety checklist to identify potential risks, and communicate safety policies to event staff and attendees.

Linsey Morrison, Eventbrite Vice President of policy and platform operations, noted in an Eventbrite blogpost that “it’s our job to empower our community of creators with the tools they need to host incredible events, with safety top-of-mind.”

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“The connections we make through live events are a staple of society,” Morrison said. “These real life experiences are what makes communities whole and it’s imperative that as the world opens back up, creators have resources to make informed decisions about event safety, and that attendees walk into events with confidence and clarity on how event creators are taking steps to protect their well-being. Our playbook is designed to help provide that.”

Co-founder and executive chairman of The Chertoff Group Michael Chertoff said that his team “was proud to leverage our risk management methodology and experience – as well as the latest health and safety guidance – to help empower Eventbrite’s event creators to make risk-based decisions around when and how to host their events.”

View the playbook here.

Although the live event industry is ultimately halted at the moment, creators are still doing what they can to keep the spirit of concerts alive. Promoters, venues, and artists have been testing crowd less shows, drive-in movie theater concerts, and live-streamed sets.

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