It’s too early to tell what the 2020 NFL season may look like, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are anticipating any scenario. The team has committed to work with its season ticket holders regarding the renewal process should some fans be reluctant about attending any games amid the ongoing pandemic without wanting to lose their seats.

Steelers season ticket owners face a June 1 deadline to renew their packages – after the team gave a one-month extension to accommodate for widespread economic uncertainty.

“We will continue to work with our fans to review our policies to make sure we provide a fan-friendly and fair policy,” Steelers spokesman Burt Lauten said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “We still encourage our fans to contact our ticket office directly so we can understand any concerns they may have as it relates to the 2020 season.”

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The NFL is planning on having full stadiums this fall but the Steelers are anticipating for socially distant stadiums instead. The team held back half of its single-game ticket inventory in the event that a limited number of fans end up being allowed into Heinz Field – either by NFL or government authority. That move does not imply that only 50 percent of fans will be admitted but would prevent added hassle down the line if social distancing is enforced at games.

Season ticket holders, however, are seemingly presented the option of being all-in or out for the year unless teams coordinate with individuals. The NFL has issued guidelines regarding refunds stating that all teams must have in place a policy providing either refunds of credits in the event that games are cancelled or “played under conditions that prohibit fans from attending.”