Lindsey Buckingham is the latest artist to jump on the livestream train, announcing a performance from his home studio to air on December 5. The former Fleetwood Mac guitarist and songwriter is planning a short, personal show for his fans.

“I’ve been laying low just like everybody else, and I haven’t seen any of you for a while,” Buckingham told fans in a Facebook video announcing the concert earlier this month. “You can all watch it from the comfort of your own homes.”

The set is planned for an 8:30 start and will run approximately 45 minutes. Tickets start at $15, and will include access to the performance for up to 48 hours following the live airing. Add-on options include a VIP Q&A package and exclusive merchandise for the performance.

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Plans for Lindsey Buckingham in 2020 included a solo tour, which would have been his first outing since suffering a heart attack in 2019 that resulted in damaged vocal cords. That stretch, which was to have begun on April 25 at the Smith Center in Las Vegas, were scuttled by the COVID pandemic.

Lindsey Buckingham

From 1975 to 1987 and again from 1997-2018, Lindsey Buckingham was one of the creative forces behind Fleetwood Mac, which was one of the top-selling groups of all-time. He and then-partner Stevie Nicks joined the band together, helping spark the group to the pinnacle of rock music. Rumours, which featured numerous songs penned by Buckingham and Nicks, became one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Buckingham departed the band in 1987 to focus on solo work, but rejoined a decade later as the group embarked on a hugely successful reunion tour. He participated with the group while continuing to produce additional work until he was fired in 2018 during a dispute over planned touring.

Tickets for the December 5 Lindsey Buckingham performance are available here.

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