Tickets for upcoming shows featuring Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and the Golden State Warriors are among the lures being used to get shots into arms by officials in Santa Clara County, California. The northern California county is running the campaign in June, in hopes of convincing those hesitant to get the COVID vaccination to do so in exchange for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming event.

“We’re very excited to partner with the SAP Center, the Warriors, and the City of San Jose on these raffles,” says Santa Clara County supervisor Cindy Chavez. “At this point in the pandemic, getting the vaccines should be fun and easy for everyone who is eligible. We hope that this raffle incentivizes people who haven’t yet gotten their vaccine to do so.”

Live event tickets have become a popular incentive for vaccination campaigns as the United States continues to reopen. Major League Baseball announced its own vaccination push using tickets as the draw earlier this month, with Chicago offering Lollapalooza tickets at its vaccination sites.

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In this instance, a visit to a county-run vaccination site enters you into a raffle, which will see drawings every week on Wednesday’s. Unlike many such drives, those who area already vaccinated can also enter, provided they visit a vaccination site with an unvaccinated friend and their proof of being vaccinated themselves. The first raffle will be drawn on June 23, with tickets including Bad Bunny, Harry Styles, Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin up for grabs for those whose names are drawn. Anyone who is vaccinated between June 16-22 will be eligible for the first drawing.

The raffle also includes a chance to win tickets to Alejandro Fernandez, Harry Styles, Trevor Noah: Back to Abnormal World Tour, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber and Evanescence & Halestrom in later drawings.

Tickets can be won for those who are vaccinated at the sites between now and July 28. Drawings will occur every Wednesday through July 28. The full schedule of raffle items by date is available on the county’s website.

Last Updated on June 17, 2021

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