Isaac Knopf is co-founder and CEO of TicketVault. Since 2008, Isaac has helped brokers scale their business while reducing costs by utilizing automated tools and providing operational expertise. At TicketVault, Isaac and his team have been able to manage their clients’ operations and help in all areas of the business by treating each client’s business as their own.


TicketVault Isaac Knopf Ticket Summit speaker TicketVault is an all-in-one POS that includes sales processing, auto pricing, auto transfer, and receivables reconciliation. We have removed the headache and saved our clients time by streamlining the entire process by including everything on one central platform and offering our fulfillment services. Organizations seeking to utilize the secondary ticket market can now sell their inventory on all platforms while retaining control of the data, pricing, and distribution.

Ticket Summit will be back in 2021, returning to Las Vegas for an August show at the Aria Resort & Casino. The annual trade show, which brings together leaders and businesses operating in ticketing and live entertainment, will run from August 15-17 at the hotel located on the Las Vegas strip.

Ticket News will be running stories in coming weeks highlighting speakers and events surrounding the trade show, which is running concurrently with the Association of Luxury Suite Directors (ALSD) conference, with expectations that the combined shows will be the largest ticketing-focused trade show in history. 

Reserve an all-access pass to Ticket Summit and learn more about the event by visiting

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