With live events and ticketing back in full swing, two major players announced significant rebranding efforts, with both Vivid Seats and SeatGeek drastically changing their looks. Both companies indicated that the long pause allowed time for thinking through branding strategy and reimagining their look and feel, which led to the changes unveiled in recent days.

Both new looks conjure up a bit of a “retro” flair, with Vivid Seats carrying something of a 1980s vibe while SeatGeek’s rebrand goes a bit further back for its inspiration. From SeatGeek’s description:

While technology has changed how we can experience live, our “why” for loving them is timeless; they are unpredictable, emotion driving, life in HD. Our tech expertise is lived out in the products we build, services we provide, and industry-shifting strategies we execute. To balance that, our new brand leans into that unchanging magic of live events. Retro concert posters, trading cards, tangible ticket mementos, lit-up marquees – we will take the opposite approach of the landscape right now, and “go back” to push forward.


We believe the new brand balances the innovation with the history, the modern with the retro, the future with the past. We accomplish this through a bold, yet approachable wordmark, a tangible color palette, an inviting tone of voice and more. All at the service of the die hards, the Deadheads, the rodeo fans, and the Broadway patrons alike.

Both companies had good reason for using the return of live events as a chance to rethink their outward look and persona. SeatGeek has evolved far beyond its original iteration as a ticketing search engine allowing for intelligent search of available resale tickets across multiple vendors, while Vivid Seats is looking to differentiate itself from competition as it approaches a planned move to being a public company through Horizion Acquisition Corp.

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SeatGeek colors

Vivid Seats described its revamped look as “an extensive brand refresh inspired by the energy and passion of live event fans,” and simultaneously announced changes to its existing rewards system that hopes to build repeat business rather than a strict search engine marketing model.

“At Vivid Seats, we strive to provide unparalleled value and deliver exceptional experiences,” said Stan Chia, Chief Executive Officer of Vivid Seats. “Our enhanced loyalty program gives every customer 10% of value on every ticket purchase and offers unique and differentiated ways for them to get more rewards and perks. We are thrilled to help everyone “Experience It Live” and celebrate the power of shared experiences to unite people.”

In terms of dominant color, interestingly enough, SeatGeek and Vivid Seats somewhat traded places. Vivid Seats swapped a red-heavy brand palate for one that features more pastel and blue tones. SeatGeek, on the other hand, went from a royal blue with white theme that wasn’t terribly far off from Ticketmaster’s look to a darker black and red one.

SeatGeek Logo History:

Seatgeek Logo History

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Vivid Seats Logo Change: 

Vivid Seats logo rebrand