Taylor Swift isn’t touring right now, but she’s reportedly one of the hotter tickets in New York just the same. The singer/songwriter is a commencement speaker at New York University, and “swifties” are reportedly peppering those with access to the event with requests to buy their tickets.

Swift is speaking and receiving an honorary doctorate from the school, addressing the Class of 2022 in the morning on May 18 at Yankee Stadium. Despite assurances from school administration that the singer won’t be singing as part of her address, fans are still offering big bucks for tickets – hoping to catch the show just the same. Graduating seniors receive two tickets each to the commencement ceremony, and some of them report being offered as much as $500 to part ways with one or more of the coveted passes.

“I’ve gotten long messages like ‘I hope this isn’t crazy. I would love to come,” student Sean Nesmith told The Post, adding that the situation is both “invasive and something wacky to laugh about amongst other NYU students.”

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“A lot of my friends being reached out to, yeah everyone wants those tickets,” Brian Rios, a graduating senior from Harlem told NBC.

“I think people really love Taylor Swift and would do anything to have a unique opportunity to hear her speak on a different platform besides a concert,” said NYU Stern grad Jamie Herschman, a Swift fan who isn’t selling her tickets — but rather is giving them away.

“Two of my best friends, it’s too much for my parents to come in twice and so they’re big Taylor Swift fans too, they get to come with me,” she said.

The school bans students from selling their tickets to the event, with discipline that could include delays on receiving their diploma if they are found in violation of that policy.

“I didn’t want to risk losing tickets or facing repercussions from the university if they were to find out,” Nesmith said. “It’s not worth it.”

The school is also facing some backlash from members of the Class of 2020 and 2021, both of which are being honored with a commencement ceremony later in the day at Yankee Stadium after COVID-related restrictions blocked plans for in-person ceremonies the last two years. Swift is not scheduled to appear at the later event. Hundreds have signed a petition asking that the singer also appear at the 6 p.m. ceremony, which will feature disability advocate Judith Heumann as its speaker.

“Long story short, you called up the Class of 2020 and 2021 just to break us like a promise,” reads a petition created by student Tori Bianco. “We would never walk West 4th Street again if NYU fails (once again) to address the voice of the students.”

“She is the voice of our generation,” Bianco argues. “We think all the graduates would benefit from hearing from both Judith and Taylor. While it might not be ideal for the speakers, this would be the easiest and most effective form of compromise.”

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(Note: At the time of this article being published, Taylor Swift doesn’t have any dates planned)

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