Second Lawsuit Targets Ticketmaster/Live Nation Over Swift Mess
Another group of fans have sued Ticketmaster and Live Nation in the wake of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour ticket sales mess, filing a class action lawsuit on Tuesday. The lawsuit alleges that  “Ticketmaster intentionally and purposefully misled millions of fans into believing it would prevent bots and scalpers... Read more
Ticketmaster, Taylor Swift Begin Selling Held Back Tickets
For many ticketing insiders, the behind the scenes question following the debacle that was the Taylor Swift Eras Tour presale was simple: how and when are they going to begin moving the likely thousands of tickets that were held-back from each of the 52 concerts on the tour. The... Read more
WSJ: Thousands of Taylor Swift Tickets Held Back From Initial Sale
How many tickets remain unsold for the Taylor Swift Eras Tour? That’s a question that has been at the forefront of at least some minds in the wake of the disastrous presale for the 2023 trek in November, and one that the Wall Street Journal tried to tackle, despite... Read more
Fans Sue Citing Deception, Fraud in Taylor Swift Tickets Fiasco
More than two dozen fans have filed lawsuits against Ticketmaster over the Taylor Swift tickets fiasco, alleging that the ticketing giant and Live Nation Entertainment subsidiary engaged in fraud, price fixing, antitrust violations, and even “intentional deception.” The lawsuit was filed in California – where both Ticketmaster and Live... Read more
Democrats Call for Ticketmaster Breakup Amid Taylor Swift Ticket Debacle
A number of political leaders have joined the chorus of condemnation for Ticketmaster’s performance during the Taylor Swift Eras Tour presale this week, with many calling the company a “monopoly” in need of breaking up. The criticism has largely come from the Democrat side of the political spectrum, with... Read more
Taylor Swift NYU Speech Prompts Ticket Frenzy, Warnings from School
Taylor Swift isn’t touring right now, but she’s reportedly one of the hotter tickets in New York just the same. The singer/songwriter is a commencement speaker at New York University, and “swifties” are reportedly peppering those with access to the event with requests to buy their tickets. Swift is... Read more