Already dominant in so much of live entertainment ticketing, Ticketmaster is hoping to expand into new ground: art installations and other attractions. The company announced Ticketmaster Attractions, which it hopes will become a fixture in the world of immersive events and exhibitions.

In the announcement, the Live Nation Entertainment-owned ticketing platform touted its technological expertise and experience operating as a dominant force in sports and concerts, which it believes will translate well to the arts space this new segment is intended to inhabit.

“We have partnered with leading promoters and agencies to power some of the most loved global experiences,” said Andrew Sider, Ticketmaster Executive Vice President of Festivals & General Admission. “Attractions are an exciting segment with a lot of growth opportunity. Ticketmaster Attractions is built to help promoters succeed. We have designed this solution to offer more than just ticketing and marketing expertise. We’re here to support our partners across every stage of the business.”

Ticketmaster touts its work with existing installations and producers as part of its launch of Attractions, hoping to lend credence to its claims of being a ready-made solution that is already working in the space. Clients featured on the Ticketmaster Business website related to the Attractions segment include Lighthouse Immersive, IMG, Caesars Entertainment, 313 Presents, and others.

“Partnering on Immersive Van Gogh and our other exhibits has helped us grow at a staggering pace over the past two years,” said Jonathan Holmes, Director of Sales & Ticketing, Lighthouse Immersive. “The journey has not been easy and Ticketmaster has helped us every step of the way. It’s truly a pleasure to work with their team.”

Read more about Ticketmaster Attractions at Live Nation’s website here.