Rap duo Suicideboys from New Orleans emerged from the underground, fusing hip-hop with punk and macabre style appropriate for both clubs and graveyards. They published their formal full-length breakthrough; I Want to Die in New Orleans, in 2018 after releasing dozens of projects (including at least 20 iterations of their Kill Yourself EP series). Without much media notice, they dominated charts worldwide and amassed several gold-certified songs. Their second straight U.S. Top Ten album, Long-Term Effects of Suffering, was released in 2021. If you’ve been following the rap duo for some time and are a fan of them, then you’d be delighted to know that they’ll be performing in different cities across the United States. Prepare ready to see them perform by getting your Suicideboys tickets before they sell out!

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Even though the two started working together in 2014, they still were close as cousins. Together as white children in Black communities on the east and west banks of Crescent City, Ruby da Cherry and Scrim grew up. But at first, they went in opposite directions. Ruby (also known as Suicide Leopard) experimented with punk music, drawing inspiration from Leftover Crack, Minor Threat, and The Misfits. As a DJ and composer, Scrim (also known as $lick $loth and Suicide Christ) was active.

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Due to their collaboration, a sinister combination of horrorcore glitch-trap with booming bass, gloomy atmospherics, and esoteric, drugged-out lyrics was created. The bold 10 series Kill Your$elf was released by the Boy$, who were signed to G59 Records. The rap duo has a unique sound to their music, infusing different genres that are popular yet still putting their own unique spin on them. Going to a Suicideboys concert would indeed be a new experience for anyone.

You should get your Suicideboys concert tickets as soon as possible, as even though the rap duo is particularly new to the masses, they have a following that is loyal to the core. The tickets could sell out anytime soon. With SXSW and other international performances under their belts by 2016, they carried on with the recordings and completed roughly 30 full-length albums in only two years. Their 29th release, Radical $uicide, came out in the summer of 2016. The Getter-produced five-track EP reached its highest point on the Billboard Rap rankings at number 17. With Kill Yourself, Pt. 11: The Kingdom Come Saga, the duo brought their Kill Yourself series back to life in 2017. That year saw the release of ten volumes, the last of which being XX: The Infinity Saga.

With the rap duo set to perform all over the United States this summer, you better grab your chance to go see them perform at a Suicideboys show. Even if you’re a bit low on budget, many ticket vendors online these days sell cheap Suicideboys tickets. You just have to look around and find what you’re looking for. The Suicideboys are set to perform in cities like Miami, Chicago, Clarkston, Somerset, Milwaukee, Lincoln, San Francisco, and Wheatland, just to name a few. If you live in any of these cities or close, then you should get your Suicideboys concert tickets. It will definitely be a unique experience owing to their unique music. A Suicideboys event is one that anyone should at least attend once in their life, just because of the uniqueness of their music. And if you feel like wanting the best out of your experience, then getting Suicideboys front row tickets should be the way to go. After all, getting to hear any artist perform in the front row is a great experience.

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Suicideboys Tour Dates
With the Suicideboys tour gearing up, you better plan ahead in time if you want to attend a few of their shows. The Suicideboys tour dates are released, and they are set to perform in key locations across the United States. Some of these include Miami on July 22, Chicago on August 2, Clarkston on August 5, Somerset on August 6, Milwaukee on August 7, and Lincoln on August 8. These are some of the tour dates, and you can get their full schedule on different sites.

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