Resale marketplace StubHub International has announced a partnership with Logitix, a U.S.-based ticketing platform which manages tickets across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college sports and live event properties. StubHub International (SHI) consists of businesses in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and numerous other international markets except those in the USA and Canada.

The agreement makes Logitix as the first U.S.-based ticket distribution partner for SHI. It means that the deal offers international customers the opportunity to be able to buy tickets to events happening in North America.

StubHub International CEO Dan Mucha said their customers were passionate fans of U.S. sports such as NFL, NBA and MLB and that they loved to travel the world to see their favorite artists perform at iconic venues.

“Partnering with a leading, trusted U.S.- based ticketing technology platform like Logitix gives our customers access to the biggest live experiences in North America,” Mucha stated.

Logitix CEO Stu Halberg pointed out the significance of their partnership with StubHub International in terms of the global ticketing marketplace.

“From a consumer perspective,” Halberg added, “it removes a barrier for buyers worldwide to purchase a ticket to an event in the U.S. or Canada. At the same time, our ticketing partners in the U.S. now have the opportunity to expand their distribution internationally.”

Effective immediately, ticket sellers across the U.S. who partner with Logitix will have a new distribution channel through StubHub International.

Stub Hub International was separated from the StubHub North American business as part of the regulatory approval process of viagogo’s purchase of StubHub, which reunited the company with its co-founder Eric Baker, who had gone on to form viagogo after leaving the business. UK’s Competition and Markets Authority determined that viagogo’s operation of both its own marketplaces as well as StubHub’s in the non-North American space would concentrate too much market power in the resale space with one company. The spin-off of SHI was what allowed the deal to go through, meaning that SHI is competing against viagogo – the parent company of its former sister divisions at StubHub when that company was owned by eBay – in the non-North American markets.