The new MSG Sphere at the Venetian, the huge project of entertainment industry, will welcome its visitors with “Sphere Experiences,” one of the core content categories to be featured at the venue, when it opens its doors this fall. An immersive production called Postcard from Earth will be launched in order to meet audiences with the arts and entertainment of 22nd century technologies under the “Sphere Experiences”, which features an LED display inside the main venue bowl that wraps up, over and around the audience. For those who’d like to be among the first to experience the company’s “next-generation entertainment medium”, tickets for Postcard from Earth are available on the project’s website.

Consisting of a team from Sphere’s in-house creative and production studio along with storytellers and creatives, Sphere Experiences aim to offer visitors original productions designed exclusively for the venue. The very first project Postcard from Earth creates a multi-sensory storytelling journey thanks to the Sphere’s technological capabilities through the 16k by 16k screen, the highest resolution LED screen on earth according to MSG, which enables guests to “feel like they have traveled to new worlds without ever leaving their seats”.

Additionally, Sphere Immersive Sound, defined as the world’s most advanced concert audio system, allows multiple forms of content to be delivered simultaneously. In other words, two people sitting in different seat sections could hear completely different things, such as different languages or instruments. The system will also allow sound designers to create a virtual point of origin and place it in a precise spatial location – meaning audio can be directed to the listener so that it sounds close, even though the source is far away – imagine a character “whispering” directly in your ear.


Containing 10,000 immersive seats with an infrasound haptic system that will use deep vibrations so guests can “feel” the experience such as the rumble of thunder or a roaring motorcycle, the venue features multi-sensory 4D technologies that enhance the storytelling experience and make audiences feel like they are truly somewhere else.

Sphere will also utilize environmental effects to rouse the senses, including the change in temperatures, the feeling of a cool breeze, or familiar scents, and help audiences conjure the feeling of “being there.”

“We are redefining the future of entertainment through Sphere,” said James L. Dolan, Executive Chairman and CEO, MSG Entertainment. “Sphere provides a new medium for directors, artists, and brands to create experiences that cannot be seen or told anywhere else, and Sphere Experiences are just one of the ways we will use the venue’s technologies to engage the senses and transport audiences to places both real and imagined. Postcard from Earth will set a new bar for multi-sensory storytelling possibilities, and we look forward to having audiences experience it at Sphere this fall.”

In February, U2 announced their residency for this fall, which will be held at the long-awaited venue, at the new MSG Sphere at the Venetian. The dates for the “U2: UV Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere” residency haven’t been revealed, yet, but fans can visit website in order to register and get details on show dates and tickets. The rock legends’ residency will mark the first act performed at the high-tech globe.

Last Updated on April 17, 2023 by Dave Clark