Vivid Seats is getting into the bot game – but on behalf of its customers. The ticket resale marketplace announced the launch of a live events plugin for OpenAI’s Chat GPT. The plugin, which it says is the first of its kind, will bring the marketplaces real-time data to the Chat GPT system, allowing consumers to query the system for events that might interest them (while steering them towards that particular marketplace for purchase, naturally).

“This collaboration is another example of the ways we are leading the industry and pushing the boundaries of what’s next,” said Stan Chia, Vivid Seats CEO. “As we continue to focus on the fan, this further strengthens our efforts to improve the live events consumer experience and provide fans with an even more inspired and intuitive way to check off their bucket lists. We remain committed to creating exceptional experiences and enabling fans to attend more of their favorite events more easily, as we continue to grow affinity for our platform and strengthen our market position.”

ChatGPT has drawn significant headlines in recent months since its launch, bringing artificial intelligence generated content to the forefront of the national conversation. The system allows users to ask questions, which are then used to generate responses by the AI engine, using an enormous database of the English language that it has been coached on. The plugin by Vivid Seats will allow users to get responses on things like what events are currently trending, what events are happening nearby, and what seats have the best view, among other potential queries.

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The “conversational shopping experience” is currently available in beta to ChatGPT Plus users, meaning that you must be a paid subscriber to the system for access. It is unclear if or when it will be rolled out for use by non-paid users on the ChatGPT platform.

While Vivid Seats claims to be the first ticketing company to venture into the event discovery realm of AI, they were beaten to the use of AI in ticketing by Eventbrite, which announced its development of tools for event creators on its platform aided by AI earlier this year.

Last Updated on July 13, 2023