Ticketmaster and its parent company Live Nation wanted to have the ability to force consumers into an arbitration process to resolve their antitrust claims. However, a U.S. judge declined their bid last week.

The bellweather arbitration process means that hearings would be held in private and hinders others from filing a class-action lawsuit. While this has worked for the ticketing giant in the past, Ticketmaster recently changed its chosen arbitrator from a company called JAMS to another company, New Era.

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge George H. Wu rejected the bid by Live Nation and Ticketmaster, Reuters reports, questioning the power of the mass arbitration process that could group cases together. Wu said this would limit clients’ ability to prove their cases in court.

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Ticketmaster’s choice to change arbitrators hasn’t been sitting well with Wu in general; according to Complete Music Update, Wu has indicated in recent court hearings that the ticketing giant’s choice was inappropriate and not properly relayed to customers — who are ultimately affected by this decision.

A Live Nation spokesperson said the company “respectfully” disagrees with the ruling in a statement to Retuers, noting that they plan to appeal.