In a disappointing turn of events for fans, Paramore has announced the cancellation of the remaining dates of their US tour, citing lead vocalist Hayley Williams’ health concerns. The decision came after the band was forced to postpone four shows earlier due to Williams falling ill with a lung infection. The latest cancellation includes the Portland show scheduled for August 10th and the Salt Lake City show on August 13th.

Paramore already had to reschedule shows due to illness a couple of weeks back. The news was conveyed to fans through Hayley Williams’ heartfelt message on her Instagram stories. Following their performance in Seattle, Williams explained the tough decision the band had to make. She revealed that pushing through the tour had become detrimental to her health, as her lungs were not healing as quickly as needed. She even expressed how the situation got a bit alarming during the recent performance.

“We will have the team post an official statement ASAP, but we are going to have to cancel the last 2 shows of the tour so I can get better finally,” Williams shared in her Instagram post. She expressed her remorse for the chaos caused by the cancellations and conveyed her love and gratitude to the fans.

Paramore’s official statement echoed the sentiment of concern for Williams’ health and confirmed the cancellation of the final two shows. The band’s decision comes in the wake of Williams’ earlier post where she addressed the necessity to cancel the initial four shows due to the toll touring takes on her health, especially as she has aged from her teenage years to her current status at 34.

Hayley Williams’ response to criticism from online communities was also notable. She confronted disparaging remarks from certain online groups, emphasizing that touring and performing have evolved for her as she has matured over the years.

Fans are hopeful for Hayley Williams’ swift recovery, and Paramore enthusiasts can still look forward to a potential performance in the future. The band’s plans include an appearance at Webster Hall on October 6th as part of The New Yorker Festival, if all goes well with Williams’ recovery.

As fans send their well-wishes to Hayley Williams, the band’s decision to prioritize her health is a reminder of the importance of self-care and well-being even in the world of music and entertainment.