The members of ABBA might not be up for touring anymore, but their holograms are doing just fine, bringing in millions of dollars.

ABBA Voyage shows officially kicked-off in London in May 2022, bringing the four members of the 1970’s Swedish pop supergroup back together again with three-dimensional digital avatars. The concert showcases ABBA’s work, including timeless hits like “Mama Mia,” “Honey Honey,” “Fernando,” and “Dancing Queen.”

According to the project’s lead investor Pophouse, the show sold 650,000 tickets within the first four months. Now, 10 months after the premiere, Pophouse shared that the show passed 1,600,000 tickets sold — with no slowing down in sight.

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An average ticket to the show costs £85 ($105). Bloomberg reported that the show is bringing in an estimated $2 million each week, which would mean $150 million over a 15-month time span.

“It is safe to say that the revolutionary VR technique, where the former ABBA members come to life through motion capture technology, and the immovable belief in the power of ABBA’s music, have created a groundbreaking and bold show that needs to be experienced,” Pophouse said in a statement.

While the show is only available in London — and even had its own arena built for the event — producers are reportedly looking to expand the tour to cities like New York and Singapore.

In 2021, ABBA released their ninth and final studio record, Voyage. The record marked their first release in 40 years and featured singles “Don’t Let Me Down” and “I Still Have Faith In You.”

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Last Updated on September 8, 2023