President Joe Biden vowed to a theater crowd in New York City that he is running for reelection because former President Donald Trump is “determined to destroy the nation.”

Broadway For Biden,” a concert fundraiser featuring Broadway’s biggest stars, was held at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater on September 18. The event included performances from Sara Bareilles, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Josh Groban, and Ben Platt, among others. Tickets ranged from $250 to $7,500 and supported the Democratic incumbent president, as well as other democrats running for office in the U.S. Both Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were in attendance.

According to the Associated Press, Biden addressed the crowd, noting that democracy is at stake. He referred to the former president’s slogan “Make America Great Again,” and said that “Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy.”

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“I will always defend, protect, and fight for our democracy,” Biden said.

Biden went on to say that he will “not side with dictators like Putin” and although Trump’s supporters might “bow down,” he won’t give in. This is one of Biden’s most outspoken remarks against the former president; he said he wants to “send the strongest and most powerful message possible that political violence in America is never never never acceptable.”

Throughout the event, many addressed the president, including “Rent’s” producer Jeffrey Seller. He pledged to the president that “all 1,500 strong of us are your warriors, are your troops” that will “maintain, affirm, and nurture the soul of our democracy and soul of our nation.”

Trump is currently facing four indictments in four different jurisdictions, including criminal charges for his role in attempting to overturn the 2020 election. However, he is still the GOP front-runner. Following the announcement of his 2024 candidacy, Biden raised more than $72 million in 10 weeks.