In an unexpected collaboration, Cirque du Soleil and Universal Music Group Nashville are set to launch a mesmerizing theatrical event – blending the world of acrobatics with country music. The show is scheduled to debut July 2024 at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville. 

This venture marks Cirque du Soleil’s first partnership in the realm of country music – presenting an opportunity for the creative team to innovate and redefine the boundaries of live entertainment. 

“The opportunity to highlight our incredible catalog and bring the history of country music to life in a live theatrical setting will allow our music to live on with a new generation of audiences and country music fans,” said Cindy Mabe, chair and CEO of UMG Nashville.

While specific songs and artists are still unknown, Cirque du Soleil CEO Stéphane Lefebvre assures that the selection will be a carefully curated blend of classic and new songs. The music will be performed live by the musicians and singers, making this a departure from convention. And with that departure, Lefebvre anticipates international appeal for the show, despite its Nashville debut. 

General tickets will go on sale on December 6. For tickets to all your Cirque du Soleil shows, visit MegaSeats (use code “TICKETNEWS” for 10% off), StubHub, or Ticket Club where members can receive a free membership with the code “TICKETNEWS.”

Last Updated on November 10, 2023

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