A Trophy Eyes fan — who suffered paralyzing injuries during a show last month — shared an update on her recovery journey.

During a tour stop in Buffalo, New York on April 30 at the Mohawk Place, Trophy Eyes frontman John Floreani dove into the crowd and accidentally landed on 24-year-old concertgoer Bird Piche. She was immediately taken to the hospital, accompanied by Floreani. According to The New 96.1, Piche suffered a severe spinal cord injury that required extensive surgery.

Following the accident, Trophy Eyes took to social media to share a recap of the night, noting that they “elected to immediately shut down the show.”

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“Out of respect for the family, we have refrained from speaking about this publicly so far, but with the blessing of the family we are now able to say how truly heartbroken we are to be here now,” Trophy Eyes said. “Our friend, Bird, is now in recovery, but still has a long road ahead for them.”

A GoFundMe page, set up by the family, can be found here. While the band donated $5,000 towards the fundraiser, the family is seeking $100,000 to go towards medical expenses and Piche’s overall recovery. As of Monday afternoon, the GoFundMe has raised over $77,000.

Last week, Piche provided an update to NBC News, noting that she’s expecting a full recovery.

“I’m going to rehab either later today or tomorrow, but they do think I’ll have full recovery,” Piche told the news outlet. “Nothing is certain, obviously, but they are predicting I will have full recovery of everything.”

Piche said that currently, she has “gross motor skills” — the most basic movements of her arms and legs — but she hopes to attain “fine motor skills” again. As for the stage dive, Piche noted that such antics are typical for the band — who she had been following since 2016.

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“It’s pretty typical at these kinds of shows,” Piche said. “I didn’t really know what to expect, but I definitely didn’t expect to be in a hospital after the concert.”

While she said there’s still “a long road ahead,” she’s “very optimistic right now.”

Trophy Eyes, hailing from Australia, is currently touring the U.S. The group last released the LP Suicide and Sunshine in 2023.