The Women’s National Basketball Association is welcoming a new team to the league: the Golden State Valkyries.

The league’s 13th team, formed in partnership with the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, marks the WNBA’s first new franchise since 2008.

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The Valkyries revealed its colors and logo on Tuesday; the team said the “V” logo represents a group of Valkyries in flight and the Bay Bridge. The bridge connects San Francisco to Oakland — where the team is slated to practice. The name “Valkyries” stem from female warriors from Norse mythology, while the team’s colors — violet and black — “symbolizes power, ambition, nobility, and women’s empowerment,” the team said.

Warriors marketing executive Amanda Chin said that “it’s only fitting that as we embarked on the brand identity development process, we really listened to the fans and selected a name that they wanted.”

“Through surveys and social media, the name that continued to come up the most, by far, was Valkyries,” Chin said in a statement.

The Valkyries will be introduced in 2025. San Francisco is the latest to receive an expansion bid; the WNBA has three cities left to award expansion bids to, and as previously announced, league commissioner Cathy Engelbert hopes to get to 16 teams “in the next few years.”

Fans can receive first access to season tickets for the team’s inaugural season at the Chase Center here.