This is certainly not the lead up to the Olympics that event organizers had intended. In the hot seat this week were both London Olympic Organizing Committee (LOCOG) chair Lord Sebastian Coe and chief executive Paul Deighton, who were forced to make the media rounds in an attempt to... Read more
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The London Olympic Organizing Committee’s (LOCOG) troubles with local hotels have just gotten deeper. The growing animosity between London’s hoteliers and LOCOG, which hit media outlets two weeks ago, has culminated in at least one hotel pulling its rooms out of the committee’s allocation for the Games. Whether other... Read more
The problems with planning London’s 2012 Summer Olympic Games just seem to go on and on. Last month, a large sector of fans buying tickets to the Games online were denied purchase because their VISA credit cards had expiration dates prior to August 2011. VISA fixed the problem, but... Read more
Ticket sales for the 2012 London Summer Olympics started early last week, but you couldn’t say it was smooth sailing in the first days. Within hours of the March 15 launch of LOCOG’s (the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games) official Olympics tickets Web site,... Read more
When tickets for London’s 2012 Summer Olympics go on sale next month, a special unit of the city’s police force will be on the lookout for those who would resell their allotment. Operation Podium, a unit of 36 Metropolitan Police detectives dedicated to rooting out ticket companies and others... Read more
Organizers of last winter’s Vancouver Olympics, who touted the event’s own ticket resale Web site, find that months after the Games’ completion, they have to write off a loss of close to $2 million due to a massive scam that targeted the site. Using stolen VISA credit card numbers,... Read more
As London’s 2012 Summer Olympics draw near — and after ticket resale problems at the last two Olympics — officials are taking a hard line stance against ticket resellers. The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) has already set its sights on resellers, or... Read more
Gene Hammett, whose wholesale ticket broker business Action Seating imploded after he was allegedly scammed out of millions of dollars worth of Vancouver Olympic tickets, is back at the helm of a new ticket resale concern, Action Sports Tours. Located in Suwanee, GA, and apparently using Action Seating’s old... Read more
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