For the first time in league history, premium tickets to the Super Bowl will carry a face value of $1,000 each, according to National Football League (NFL) officials. Some tickets will carry a face value of $800, and the league is reportedly considering also discounting some tickets below $800.... Read more
If you watched any of the Tampa Bay Rays home games this season, you routinely saw thousands of empty seats. But now that the Rays have won the American League East crown and are one game away from a trip to the World Series, the team is having trouble... Read more
Many ticket brokers and fans rejoiced when the City Council of Green Bay, WI adopted a new ticket resale ordinance that allowed tickets to Packers games to be resold in a special area next to famed Lambeau Field. Yet, now comes word that the new law is more restrictive... Read more
After four consecutive seasons of record breaking attendance numbers for Major League Baseball, the 2008 season saw overall attendance drop 1.1 percent, or almost 900,000 fans. MLB teams finished with a total of 78.6 million fans, compared to last year’s total of 79.5 million. Commissioner Bud Selig blamed the... Read more
The New York Yankees announced this week that the old Yankee Stadium was opened for the last time on September 21, scraping plans for an official closing ceremony. The New York Daily News originally reported that the team was tentatively planning an event for November 9 with more than... Read more
The New England Patriots, in an attempt to help preserve its control over the resale of its tickets, requested that TicketsNow remove the tickets from the company’s exchange, the team told TicketNews. The admission that the team was behind the move comes as little surprise because the Patriots have... Read more
Without offering a reason why, TicketsNow recently removed tickets to home games of the New England Patriots from its marketplace. In addition, the Illinois-based ticket company, the nation’s second-largest secondary ticketer according to TicketNews’s exclusive industry rankings, also mysteriously took down tickets to events in the Canadian Provinces of... Read more
“BIG TEN ANNOUNCES TICKETBAG.COM AS THE CONFERENCE’S OFFICIAL SECONDARY TICKET MARKET” Park Ridge, Ill. (The Big Ten Conference) October 8, 2008 – The Big Ten Conference has announced a marketing agreement which makes the official secondary ticket market of the Big Ten. will offer fans access to... Read more
“FirstDIBZ Announces BCS National Championship and All-Access Bowls” CHICAGO, IL. (FirstDIBZ) October 6, 2008 – Online forward market pioneer FirstDIBZ today announced its BCS National Championship and BCS All-Access Bowl markets. College football fans can purchase “DIBZ” for their team through the FirstDIBZ exchange and guarantee themselves the opportunity... Read more
After losing a round in federal court earlier this week, Flash Seats owner Veritix expressed disappointment in the ruling prohibiting the Cleveland Cavaliers from using Flash Seats paperless ticketing technology. In addition, Veritix President Jeff Kline told TicketNews that the company is contemplating an appeal of the ruling. “Our... Read more