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Las Vegas Residencies That are Worth the Trip
Last year, live entertainment was on the decline. With summer finally here, it seems that musicians are returning to their international tours. Of course, this means that Las Vegas can expect some multi-night shows from the best performers alive today. If you’re lucky, these entertainers may have a date... Read more
Las Vegas Residencies: 2020 Rankings
Anyone heading to Vegas likely has a full itinerary. The city welcomes millions of visitors annually, from uniformed bachelorette parties who are headed to see a residency show to friends who have made an annual trip to Vegas for the last forty years. Some head straight to the casino... Read more
LA, New York Mayors Give Timeline For Return Of Live Events
Only months ago, New York and Los Angeles were the country’s biggest markets for sports and live events. Now, they are struggling as hot spots for COVID-19, combining for a death toll upwards of 12,000 among over 125,000 cases. As lockdowns remain in place and healthcare workers work to... Read more
Top 10 Cities for Ticket Sales in 2017
We pulled this past year’s data from TicketNetwork’s marketplace to determine the top ten cities that sold the most event tickets in 2017. It comes as no surprise that NYC was this year’s number one best-selling city. First and foremost, the Big Apple boasts Broadway, which saw huge hits... Read more
Lady Gaga Confirms Rumors of a Las Vegas Residency
Lady Gaga confirmed today the rumors of a Sin City residency. She will begin a two-year engagement at Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino’s Park Theater in Las Vegas in December 2018. “Six-time GRAMMY Award-winner, Golden Globe Award-winner and Academy Award-nominee superstar entertainer Lady Gaga will bring her one-of-a-kind talent and creativity to... Read more
October 2017 Ticket Market Breakdown: Top Venues and Cities
With the Dodgers and Astros making runs all the way to tonight’s World Series Game Seven (in LA), it’s no wonder that the two cities have done very well in the marketplace over the course of the past month. Dodger Stadium captured the top spot in our monthly breakdown... Read more
      City Score 1 New York, NY Tickets 5.82 2 San Diego, CA Tickets 4.16 3 Las Vegas, NV Tickets 3.90 4 Orlando, FL Tickets 3.64 5 Arlington, TX Tickets 3.60 6 Atlanta, GA Tickets 3.09 7 Chicago, IL Tickets 2.78 8 Milwaukee, WI Tickets 2.76 9 Los Angeles,... Read more
      City Score 1 New York, NY Tickets 6.63 2 San Diego, CA Tickets 4.07 3 Los Angeles, CA Tickets 3.15 4 Tampa, FL Tickets 3.03 5 Las Vegas, NV Tickets 2.97 6 Orlando, FL Tickets 2.66 7 Arlington, TX Tickets 2.54 8 Minneapolis, MN Tickets 2.53 9 Atlanta,... Read more
      City Score 1 New York, NY Tickets 7.45 2 Indianapolis, IN Tickets 4.24 3 Las Vegas, NV Tickets 3.35 4 Los Angeles, CA Tickets 2.80 5 Chicago, IL Tickets 2.74 6 Boston, MA Tickets 2.45 7 San Diego, CA Tickets 2.11 8 Arlington, TX Tickets 1.87 9 Morrison,... Read more
      City Score 1 New York, NY Tickets 8.66 2 Las Vegas, NV Tickets 5.95 3 Chicago, IL Tickets 5.69 4 Indianapolis, IN Tickets 3.35 5 Omaha, NE Tickets 2.93 6 Los Angeles, CA Tickets 2.67 7 Boston, MA Tickets 2.42 8 Denver, CO Tickets 1.95 9 Houston, TX... Read more