Ben Folds debuted in 1995 with his band “Ben Folds Five,” and produced four albums through till 1999. During their active years the band appeared on many “Billboard” genre charts, and enjoyed some popularity in the U.S., but also abroad in Australia and the United Kingdom. Folds described the band’s alternative rock style as “punk rock for sissies.” Soon after, Folds went solo and released six albums, and was the first musician to broadcast a concert live over MySpace. He has also contributed to the works of William Shatner, and Amanda Palmer. In September of 2008, the band reunited for a single concert to support the charity “Operation Smile.”

Recently Ben Folds presented “University A Cappella,” a compilation CD of university a cappella groups from across the country. He was quote saying, “Music education has been atrophying, and yet… a cappella groups are getting together… I wanted to capture that magic.”