Fyre Fest Ticket Holders Could Get $7,000 Each in Settlement
A group of ticket-holders for the now-infamous Fyre Festival in early 2017 were awarded a nearly $2 million payout by the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of New York, pending final approval. The class-action settlement, which would apply to 277 ticket-holders, amounts to approximately $7,220 per claimant.... Read more
Ja Rules’s Name Cleared From Fyre Fest Suit
While Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland is serving a six-year prison sentence, his partner Ja Rule had his name officially cleared from the legal disaster. Fyre Fest, the 2017 failed-festival-turned-phenomenon, has been outlined in two documentaries and is now globally dubbed as the biggest scam of the last decade.... Read more
Celebrities Sued by Fyre Fest Trustee Over Failed Event
The trustee in the Fyre Festival bankcrupty case is still trying to recoop the funds investors lost from the failed event in 2017. In an attempt to get some money back, the trustee has sued a handful of celebrities involved in the promotion of the festival. One lawsuit is... Read more
Island Used To Promote The Failed Fyre Fest Is Now On Sale
The private island in the Bahamas used to promote the infamous Fyre Festival, luring in thousands of eager concertgoers in 2017, is now up-for-grabs. Interested buyers can snatch up the 47-acre island for a whopping $11.8 million. Locally, the island is known as Saddleback Cay, and while Fyre Fest... Read more
Fyre Fest Merchandise Will Be Auctioned To Pay Off Billy McFarland’s Debts
Although Billy McFarland is currently in jail for scamming thousands of people during the failed Fyre Festival, his victims are still yet to be paid. To help pay back some of McFarland’s debts, Fyre Fest merchandise will be up-for-grabs. The United States Marshals Service of Manhattan will auction off... Read more
Fyre Fest’s Billy McFarland Ordered To Pay $3M To Former Investor
Entrapreneur Billy McFarland, the infamous leader behind 2017’s failed Fyre Festival, has been ordered to pay back $3 million to an investor who sponsored the event. Earlier this week, New York County Judge Joel H. Cohen handed out a default judgement in favor of EHL Funding, the defrauded investor,... Read more
Fyre Festival’s Billy McFarland Sentenced To Six Years In Prison
Billy McFarland, who scammed hundreds of concertgoers with the failed Fyre Festival last year, was sentenced to six years in prison on Thursday for multiple counts of fraud. The sentence was given by U.S. District Court Judge Naomi Buchwald at a Manhattan federal court. His sentencing also includes three... Read more
Ja Rule Asks New York Court to Dismiss Fyre Fest Lawsuits Naming Him
Ja Rule is asking a New York court to remove any potential liability he might have in relation to the spectacular collapse of the 2017 Fyre Festival, the now infamous debacle in the Bahamas. Ja Rule, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, says his “non-operational” role in promoting the... Read more
Two Victims Of Fyre Festival Awarded $5 Million In Lawsuit Against Founder
Two concertgoers who attended the failed Fyre Festival last year in the Bahamas were awarded $5 million in a lawsuit against co-producer Billy McFarland. Last year’s Fyre Festival was promoted as a luxurious getaway with a star-studded lineup and chef-prepared meals. However, attendees showed up to a chaos-driven island... Read more
Billy McFarland Of Fyre Fest Rearrested For Wire Fraud, Ticket Scam
The disastrous Fyre Festival left thousands of concertgoers stranded on an island last year, all thanks to founder Billy McFarland. A year later, it seems that he has not learned from his mistake with news of yet another ticket scam. According to the Associated Press, McFarland was hit with... Read more