Voted the “Best New American Band” in 1990 according to “Rolling Stone,” The Black Crowes are a rock and roll band originating from Atlanta, GA. Getting their start in 1989, the band remained active until 2002, at which point they took a brief hiatus before returning in 2005. Since 1990, the band has produced 12 albums, toured 17 times, and sold more than 20 million albums. Their most recent tour, “Stuck Inside Utopia Tour,” took place in 2009. The band was also listed at #92 on the “100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock” list, according to “VH1.”

Recently The Black Crowes’ Web site revealed that the band had recorded a new album, though a release date was not provided. Their most recent album, the band’s eighth, was “Before the Frost,” which was released in August of 2009.