Known by many as the ‘Midsummer Classic’, the Major League Baseball Game is the annual exhibition game that brings together the stars from the American League and National League. In 2003, to add appeal to the game, the league added that the winner of the game would determine which league get home field advantage during the World Series. Since then, the competitiveness and fan interest has increased in the game.

The All-Star Game is just one event during the MLB All-Star Weekend that includes other events including the Home Run Derby and Futures Game. The game is a high demand event on the secondary market, as it only takes place once a year. No year was quite as popular as 2008, when the game was played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. It was the final year of the stadium, and four Yankees were represented. Ticket prices reached all-time highs for that game.

MLB All-Star Game Reportedly Shifted To Postseason
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