While coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the world, MLB’s season has been delayed, which may postpone the American classic All-Star Game.

The game, which is set to take place on July 14 at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium, may be postponed to the fall months. Last week, Tim Brown and Hannah Keyser of Yahoo! Sports noted that a team official said there are “almost no scenarios in which the All-Star Game is played on the date it is scheduled.”

“One alternative that’s been discussed is setting the All-Star Game for an eventual day between the league championship series and the World Series, a showcase featuring players from all but the two remaining teams,” Brown and Keyser said.

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While the game will likely go on sometime this year, Brown and Keyser don’t expect the All-Star game to be cancelled, noting that “Fox paid a lot of money to televise the All-Star Game, which will be a consideration and a strong reason to not cancel it outright.”

The All-Star game is not the only thing up-in-the air; the entire season may be pushed back well past October. Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro told CBS News that he joined a conference call over the weekend to discuss logistical aspects of the upcoming season and emphasized that the league hopes to have an agreement with the players union in the coming days.

Additionally, Chicago White Sox reportedly told fans that they should not worry about missing any games. The team sent out a letter to season ticket holders, assuring fans that no games have been cancelled at this time.

Photo: Dodger Stadium via Wikimedia Commons