Live Nation Stock Rallies Following Senate Stimulus Vote
Live Nation Entertainment (LYV) saw a strong resurgence in its stock Thursday after the U.S. Senate unanimously voted in favor of a $2 trillion stimulus package to rejuvenate the ailing economy. Live Nation stock bounced back up to close at $45.94 Thursday, a sizable increase from the dismal $21.70... Read more
Live Nation Stock Metrics Present Potential ROI
In recent weeks, Live Nation’s stock (LYV) has dropped dramatically due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic amid widespread cancellations, however, billionaires showed an interest in the company during this time. Ahead of the latest trading session closing, Live Nation Entertainment had 1.92 million shares being bought and sold, Dwinnex... Read more
Live Nation Among Stock Billionaires Are Investing In
The tumultuous state of the stock market has hit many investors hard in recent weeks with the Dow Jones recording several new instances of its biggest single-day declines and the S&P 500 falling 32 percent from its record high set only weeks prior. But despite the downturn inflicted by... Read more
Mark Cuban Takes Interest In Live Nation Investment As Stock Plummets
Billionaire Mark Cuban is looking to invest amid a tumultuous period that has seen the market take a drastic tumble. He has taken a particularly surprising interest in Live Nation stock despite its sudden free-fall in response to the coronavirus disrupting the live event industry. The investor revealed to... Read more
Live Nation Stock Faces Potential Downgrade Amid Market Woes
The current state of the stock market has been worrisome for investors and corporations alike. However, Live Nation Entertainment (LYV) has been particularly impacted amid the coronavirus pandemic with company stock plunging with the widespread halting of the live event industry. Now, Live Nation stock is facing a potential... Read more
Live Nation CEO Buys $1 Million In Shares After Price Falls
Live Nation CEO and President Michael Rapino reportedly purchased $1 million worth of stock in the company, according to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Billboard reports. The filing shows that Rapino bought 25,640 shares of common stock at an average of $38.98 per share, which... Read more
Live Event Company Stocks Plummet As Market Woes Continue
All eyes are on the stock market as a period of uncertainty is dragging down share values. But as the S&P 500 dropped seven percent to begin the week, live event companies are particularly hurting with some stocks reaching 52-week lows. Live Nation Entertainment (LYV) neared a 52-week high... Read more