N.F.L. Agrees to Stop Calling for Price Floor on Resold Tickets
Attorneys general from Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia announced a multi-state settlement with the National Football League (“NFL”) resolving antitrust concerns about the NFL’s league-wide mandatory price floor policy. The policy required each of the 32 NFL member teams to impose a price... Read more
Part 2 – The Fleece (Conning Congress)
Question: What happens when you lie to Congress? Answer: Apparently you get your legislation approved. We recently wrote about the means by which business sometimes happens in Congress, and dissected the practice where star power and money intersect, leading to immense influence over the legislative process. Many of us... Read more
The Interlude – “Are robot scalpers ripping you off? Do we need government to stop it?”
The following TechDirt Op-Ed co-authored by Anne Hobson (R Street Institute), and Christopher Koopman (Project for the Study of American Capitalism) questions whether Congress is genuinely interested in benefiting fans.  “Responding to fan complaints about the paucity of tickets, de facto monopolist Live Nation Entertainment points to the scourge of “bots”... Read more
BREAKING NEWS — NY A.G. Schneiderman Announces $12 Million Settlement With Draftkings And Fanduel
Each Company Agrees To Pay $6 Million For Repeated False Advertising Violations In New York; Year-Long Investigation Found That Both Companies Had Consistently Misled Consumers In Advertisements Companies Agree To Sweeping Marketing Reforms, Including Enhanced Disclosure To Users About Terms and Conditions Of Marketing Promotions, Expected Winnings, And Rates... Read more
7 January 2016 San Francisco’s Rubber Stamp Approval of Arena Project Ignored Crippling Traffic and other Environmental Impacts in Violation of California Environmental Laws Jennifer Wade, Mother of Six-Year-Old Boy with Severe Heart Condition, Fears Arena Will Block Access to UCSF Children’s Hospital, Cost Lives San Francisco – Opponents... Read more
Restrictive Ticket Resale Legislation Deferred to Next Session in Florida State Legislature
Big storm clouds looming on the secondary ticket market horizon have again blown out to sea in the Sunshine State. Legislation – two bills actually – designed to place stricter rules on re-selling and in some instances criminal penalties for some re-selling, never made it to the respective floors... Read more
Justices Permit Resale of Copyrighted Imports
Summary by TicketNews: The Supreme Court’s decision on Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons this past Tuesday, March 19 protects the right of an individual to resell an imported copyrighted product as long as they have lawfully purchased it from the initial distributor. The court discusses the well accepted,... Read more
Ticketmaster facing ticket scalping allegations
Ticketing giant Ticketmaster is facing new allegations that the company withheld tickets from the recent general on sale for a Nashville, TN Lady Gaga concert, only to list the tickets for sale with significant price mark-ups on secondary ticketing websites. According to an investigation by Nashville’s NewsChannel 5, five... Read more
Does proposed Fairness in Ticketing Act really have Tennessee fans in mind?
On Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 10 a.m. a hearing will take place in Tennessee discussing the proposed Fairness in Ticketing Act (SB3441/HB3437). The bill — supported by Ticketmaster-funded Fans First Coaltion and the Tennesee Sports & Entertainment Coaltion (TSEIC), a group comprised of venues, management teams, and event... Read more
NJ ticket reform bill approved by Senate committee
New Jersey took a step toward restructuring its state ticketing laws on October 16, 2012, when the New Jersey Senate Commerce Committee passed Senate Bill 875 with a vote of 5-1. Under the terms of the bill, New Jersey’s ticketing law would be modified in several ways. First, the... Read more