To our loyal readers,

Since TicketNews’ inception, our team has worked diligently to broaden the content we offer, and enhance the way we deliver it to you. Our goal is to provide our readers with news, information, and resources related to the ticket industry in a clear and organized fashion.

Please take a moment to explore the wealth of new features on the site. Click on any category heading under “More News” to view all stories in the particular category; or click on ”Latest News” to view TicketNews in its original format, with every story listed in chronological order. Create an account to post comments and allow other users to contact you. Email any article to colleagues and friends or send an e-Postcard. Get TicketNews for your desktop. Advertise your business with TicketNews. Readers can even purchase tickets on the site!

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to our staff. Each staff member is dedicated to the success of TicketNews and brings a unique set of skills to the team. Our staff includes:

Alfred Branch, Jr. – Senior News Editor
In addition to overseeing our team of reporters, Al helped to establish the editorial voice of TicketNews, and he writes on a variety of topics related to the ticket industry. Among the stories Al has authored are a piece he broke on the Van Halen ticket scalping controversy; and an exclusive interview with the Hawaii-based attorney who sued Aerosmith on behalf of fans over a canceled show.

Jane Cohen & Bob Grossweiner – Entertainment Reporters
The inseparable Jane Cohen and Bob Grossweiner team are widely known for providing readers with information on artists and tour dates. When our readers want details on Lenny Kravitz, Dolly Parton or Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige, they turn to Jane and Bob.

Tim Fraser – Business Reporter
Tim Fraser writes a weekly column on the ticket industry every Friday from a business development angle. His featured work includes a recent report on the Dallas Cowboys ticket prices.

Jean Henegan – Law Reporter
Jean Henegan keeps readers up to date with current and pending laws related to the resale of event tickets. Her featured articles include reports on the status of legislation in Nebraska and North Carolina.

Ian Hough – International Reporter
Ian Hough provides our readers with information on international events and business negotiations. His featured work includes a report on ticket scalping in Great Britain.

Takashi Mitsuya – Data Analyst
Takashi Miutsya ranks the top ticket sellers using market share information from multiple independent traffic resources.

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Seth Olson – Creative Director
Since its inception, Seth has been a valuable resource for the business development of TicketNews. Not only did Seth help create the original look of the site, he continues to enhance the marketing of TicketNews.

Carol-Ann Rudy – Broadway Reporter
Carol Ann Rudy is well-known for her weekly piece on Broadway ticket sales. Readers turn to Carol-Ann for her insight on this market.

Bob Stein – Analyst
Bob Stein gathers information on the ticket industry from independent sources.

Brian Thompson – Business Reporter
Brian Thompson investigates business development issues related to the ticket industry. His featured articles include a recent piece on, a site where fans set the price for tickets.

Laurie Trotta – Film Reporter
Laurie Trotta brings a unique flare to TicketNews, reporting weekly box office grosses from the film industry. As Laurie reports, ticket sales for movies such as Hannah Montana and U2 have shown that a demand may exist for the secondary ticket market in the cinema.

Lee Wang – Webmaster
Lee is responsible for turning our vision for the site into reality.

We hope that you enjoy the new site. We welcome all feedback and comments.

Best regards,

Crystal Astrachan
Publisher, TicketNews

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