In a four-page memo to its members this week, the National Association of Ticket Brokers essentially vouched for Ticketmaster and TicketsNow in the companies’ efforts to address broker concerns, but the NATB said that it will continue to monitor the two especially as it relates to any government legislation the two will pursue.

The two companies held a closed-door meeting with more than 100 ticket brokers last week in Las Vegas where they outlined their relationship and tried to define their role within the secondary ticket market. The meeting was hastily called after the NATB sent a letter to Ticketmaster’s Sean Moriarty and TicketsNow’s Cheryl Rosner, the CEOs of the two companies, where the trade organization voiced concerns over how the two were operating in light of Ticketmaster’s recent acquisition of TicketsNow.

TicketsNow and Ticketmaster used the Las Vegas meeting, which they called a “fireside chat,” to address the concerns, and will likely not formally write out their responses as the NATB originally asked. The meeting was videotaped, and the two companies said they may publish it on the TicketsNow website at some point in the future.

Gary Adler, lead counsel for the NATB, wrote the four-page memo which summarized the companies’ answers, which can be read in its entirety below.

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“In sum, the gist of the meeting was that Ticketmaster wants to cultivate a positive relationship with its ticket broker clients,” Adler wrote to the NATB membership. “Moriarty acknowledged there may be some conflicts between its roles on behalf of its primary seller clients and its secondary market clients. Moriarty promised to keep an open mind and expressed his understanding that Ticketmaster’s actions will speak louder than its words.”

However, Adler was quick to add that Ticketmaster may continue to pursue certain government legislation, such as making the company the only authorized ticket reseller in some states, which might run against the company’s efforts to foster positive relationships with brokers.

“Keep in mind, however, that Ticketmaster continues to pursue legislative measures that may be harmful to brokers. Its justification, according to Moriarty, is that the legislative process is not a perfect world and sometimes concessions have to be made to accomplish a greater goal,” Adler wrote.

(Below is a copy of the letter the NATB sent to its members concerning Ticketmaster and TicketsNow)

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