It seems that every time the highly-acclaimed Broadway musical Hamilton hits a new theater, fans are sent into a frenzy. So, when tickets went on sale for Proctors in Schenectady, New York, the inevitable happened: too many fans tried to buy tickets at the same time.

Yesterday, Hamilton tickets went on sale 28 months after the news was first announced. While people flooded the box office in-person – some lining up outside as early as 3:25 a.m. – others took their chances in the cyber universe and waited in a virtual queue. According to the Times Union, callers reported busy signals starting at 10 a.m. on all 200 of Proctors’ incoming phone lines. Many others faced difficulties trying to purchase seats online as they were booted out of the queue and received error messages.

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Once the issue became prevalent, Proctors issued an apology to fans and opened the online queue so anyone would be able to access the online store. CEO Philip Morris told Times Union that the theater used a third party company for online sales, but are working with an in-house ticket purchasing program.

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Later in the afternoon, around 1,000 more tickets were released. Morris said most of the approximately 22,000 tickets set to go on sale Monday were gone, but more were still being held back to be used for the $10 lottery tickets ahead of each show.

“Overall, I’d say the day went very well,” Morris said, “but that doesn’t make you feel any better if you were one of the ones who had a problem with the (online) queue. We’re sorry for that.” He noted that the queue held at times more than 17,000 buyers, and while issues did occur, “it didn’t happen to very many, all things considered.”

Issues have occurred during previous Hamilton onsales, including the Kentucky Center in Louisville, Detroit’s Fisher Theatre, and Orlando’s Dr. Phillips Center.

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