Hundreds of fans missed part of the Bayern Munich and AC Milan game earlier this week due to issues with their tickets.

Attendees took to social media to express their frustration, claiming that they waited in long will call lines, their tickets were scanned as invalid, or they were moved to different seats. Some even missed out on half of the match.

Kurt Austin, the Director of Communications Sporting KC, told KCTV News 5 that while many people had paid money for assigned seating at Arrowhead Stadium, issues arose when Ticketmaster adjusted to Children’s Mercy Park. The latter has mostly general admission tickets available, which caused fans to experience difficulties with their tickets.

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“Think, the majority of fans had a very fantastic time at Children’s Mercy Park last night, there we’re some that experienced some challenges, I think the nature of the venue changing from Arrowhead to Children’s Mercy Park was one of the contributing factors to that,” he said.

Relevant Sports released a statement to KCTV News 5, noting that they will work to “ensure this does not happen in the future.”

“Last night was an incredible match in front of a sold-out Kansas City crowd,” Ben Sosenko of Relevent Sports Group said in the statement. “Unfortunately, there was an issue involving ticketing stemming from the relocation that affected some fans, causing a delay getting into the stadium. We apologize to anyone who was inconvienced and are working with Ticketmaster to ensure this does not happen in the future.”

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