Nine football clubs are being investigated over alleged “vexatious” ticketing practices.

According to, the Italian Competition Authority announced that Serie A clubs like Juventus, Inter, Milan, and Atlanta are being investigated, as well as Roma, Lazio, Cagliari, Genoa, and Udinese. Authorities reportedly said the teams used “vexatious clauses in contracts for the purchase of season tickets and match tickets.” The clubs allegedly used clauses that would not allow ticketholders to receive partial or full refunds if the stadium closed or a game was postponed. Additionally, the clubs did not respond to an invitation to re-add refunds to their clauses.

Two teams that were not named in the investigation – Bologna and Parma – did respond to the invitation, Football-Italia reports, and the teams agreed to change the conditions of their ticket contracts with consumers.

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Currently, many of the teams being investigated are still participating in the Coppa Italia; over the weekend, Juventus will face Roma, followed by a match against Udinese. The first leg of the UEFA Champions League kicks-off next month with a match between Lyon and Juventus. This year, the UEFA has introduced a new “fan-first” ticketing strategy following complaints of “measly allocation” by fans the previous year. Earlier this week, the European Soccer Association announced that it would cap ticket prices for away fans for both the Champions League and Europa League games.