Your anniversary is coming up, and you cannot help but think of ways to make your partner happy. And this is all quite natural, given that holidays always call for a show of love and appreciation. To most people, this means gifts, and they will shop till they drop. For them, a gift is an expression of love, and with one in hand, they have what it takes to impress their loved ones. To other people, it is all about the little things. A picnic, a drive through the forest, a day indoors, and other such activities mean the world to them. We are all different, but we have one thing in common: we all cherish memories. That’s why cheap anniversary ideas are fast gaining traction. You want to stay within your budget yet give your partner an experience that they will not forget any time soon. Anniversaries no longer have to be about gift exchanges. Instead, make them revolve around making memories, and they will mean so much more. Plus, experience gifts are cheaper than you would think.

Attend a Concert

Concerts are lively, and they give you a chance to indulge in your favorite music or experience something new. You already know what your partner would like. Some people like local bands where they can catch up with rising acts. Others would prefer to go to a concert where famous artists are bound to play. Whichever the case, the tickets will not set you back much. Add some cash for drinks and food, and you will have the perfect anniversary.

Attend a Show

In this case, your best bet lies in attending a local show where you can catch a musical or a play. Get the best seats in the theater, and watch the drama unfold in front of you. Shows generally don’t last long into the night, and you will have enough time to grab dinner and drinks. As you do this, you can talk about what you enjoyed the most. You could end the night by presenting that gift you so carefully selected for this day. Who knows? Attending shows might be the way to keep that spark alive in the relationship.

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Watch a Game

Technology has made things way more manageable for us. Now, you can catch a game from the comfort of your home without having to book tickets in advance. But this time, get out of the house and watch a live game with your partner. In this case, you have two choices, based on your budget and love for the game. Where you want to catch some action and spare some cash, go to a minor game. You will still have fun, and it serves as a great way to hang out with your partner, devoid of major game pressures. 

Now, where your partner enjoys a good game, go to a major sporting event. And in this case, be sure to take them to one where their favorite team will play. The experience will be amazing, and you will have something to talk about for years to come. What a great gift!

Have a Laugh

Laughing is a great way to spend your anniversary. Sure, you could watch a funny show on the television as you have dinner and this would be alright. But it’s your anniversary and alright will not cut it for this day. There are tons of comedy shows taking place at any given time. And you can discover hilarious people by attending one such show. Crack up and have a good time before heading out for food and drinks.


It’s your anniversary, and this is the time to show your partner how much you love them. Suppose they have always wanted to go on a hike, why not do it now? Being outside frees you, and it connects you to the nature around you. Before long, you should be marveling at the beauty of the trees and the creatures around you. You can schedule a picnic along the trail as well as some photoshoots. Couple all this with a good conversation, and you should head home feeling much closer to your partner.

Find out what your partner would enjoy doing and do it with them. You spend less money, and you get to reconnect with your loved one. What a win-win situation!