Las Vegas’ Allegiant Stadium, which is currently under construction to be the new home of the Raiders, is seeing more and more workers test positive for coronavirus.

Late last month, a worker tested positive for the virus on site. However, the stadium’s construction venture Mortenson/McCarthy announced that the project would not be delayed, and following social distancing protocols, the worker was not in close contact with any of the other workers. The worker self-isolated for two weeks and the worker’s surrounding vicinity was immediately shut down and sanitized.

Shortly after, a second construction worker tested positive for the virus in early April. A press release noted that the worker had not been in close contact with other employees, and their site was also shut down and sanitized. Now, four more people have tested positive. Mortenson/McCarthy noted in a press release this week that since the virus began, more than 4,000 craft workers and trade partners have be on site, with seven confirmed positive cases to date.

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“All cases were limited in contact with others on site pursuant to strict social distancing protocols in place,” the venture said. “WE continue to collaborate with local labor groups and take immediate precautions to minimize the risk of coronavirus transmission.”

The company has since instituted additional safety measures as of April 20. These new measures include all workers and visitors to wear face coverings, increased compliance monitoring of the safety measures in place, and certain projects moved to night shifts.

While the $2.5 billion stadium is still slated to open this summer, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the team has “contingency plans” in place in case the project is not completed in time for the NFL season. A person close to the situation told The Journal that the Raiders investigated options that included playing games in Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and San Diego. The stadium is on schedule to hold two preseason games in August, but the team could play those on the road, if needed.

Right now, the NFL season has not been delayed, however, the start of the season may be pushed back.