In the new age of streaming concerts, K-pop group SuperM redefined the movement by holding a paid virtual show which broadcasted to viewers in over 100 countries.

On Sunday, SuperM headlined the first of four K-pop concerts in the Beyond Live series by South Korean event giant SM Entertainment. The event drew in viewers from 109 nations and 120 million approving hearts on broadcasting platform Naver V Live. Though most artists have resorted to holding free livestream performances while tours get moved around, SuperM’s show raked in a sizable profit as a paid concert. Some 75,000 fans purchased tickets for $29.99 to watch the exclusive broadcast.

“Given that around 10,000 people come to an idol concert each time, it marks 7.5 times the amount of a regular offline concert, demonstrating the immense growth potential as a new concert business,” SM Entertainment revealed.

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Fans weren’t treated to group members performing separately in their homes on a personal device either, which has become the new standard for many American acts. The gig had all the makings of a live stadium concert through the use of augmented reality effects to present the real deal to fans, without the crowds of a standard show.

The event also brought SuperM close to fans through an online chat feature, allowing them to read messages and answer questions in place of the interactive communication artists get from fans at concerts.

SM Entertainment will put on similar shows in the coming weeks featuring K-pop’s Way V, NCT Dream, and NCT 127. advertisement