If you’re anything like us, you might have been expecting news about Adele and a new tour to drop on Friday, as her new album “30” was formally released. But thus far – nothing. The singer’s fourth studio album is out, and has already climbed to the top of the charts, but so far, Adele’s tour plans go no further than her one-off performances next summer at BST Hyde Park.

Though she hasn’t formally ruled anything out, Adele did throw water on the idea of touring on this new album in an interview with John Mayer on SiriusXM.

“This album? No, probably not,” the singer replied to Mayer’s touring question . “I’d love to. I was actually desperate to tour, which for me is wild because I don’t like touring. … I got into the swing of it last time and obviously I’ve gone up to stadiums. Without sounding spoiled, it’s easier because there’s less shows, you reach more people, you get to stay in place. … It doesn’t sit right with me putting an album out this year and then touring it in 2023.”

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Earlier in the fall, Adele addressed tour rumors in an interview with the Zoe Ball Breakfast Show on BBC2, and was much less definitive about the concept.

“I don’t have any solid plans because of COVID,” she told the audience. “It’s so hard to plan a global tour or a global thing, really, in person and stuff like that. We have a few options in the pipeline and we’re just trying to work out what is most do-able.”

On her last tour, Adele had to call off her last two performances in London due to issues with her vocal cords, but she seemed to be in good voice for her recent “One Night Only” performance in Los Angeles.

Ultimately, we can’t be certain whether or not Adele has a tour announcement in store for 2022 or not until we hear from her directly. For now, she’s being cagey, and many still anticipate that a tour will be announced – or at minimum some kind of a limited engagement or residency. Otherwise, fans will have to make due with the recorded versions of her new compositions until she takes the stage at Hyde Park next summer.

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Last Updated on November 19, 2021