With SeatGeek’s planned merger with RedBall Acquisition Corp (NYSE: RBAC) expected to close this quarter, the company announced its post-merger Board of Directors. Included in the company’s leadership group are co-founders Russell D’Souza and CEO Jack Groetzinger, as well as executives with experience from companies including Linked-In, Kayak.com, and the WNBA. The board slate is subject to final approval as part of the merger with RedBall that will bring SeatGeek public.

“SeatGeek is a force for innovation within the live entertainment space, building world-class technology to disrupt the ticketing ecosystem,” says Melissa Selcher, the Chief marketing Officer at LinkedIn and a newly appointed board member. “A key element of SeatGeek’s success is its ability to meet the needs of fans, teams and venues, delivering products that create the event experiences to delight consumers. SeatGeek has built a brand that is loved and trusted across the live events ecosystem and I look forward to continuing to support the team as they build the company to transform an industry and capitalize on the opportunity in front of them.”

Selcher is one of two recent additions to the board, joined by Anna Baird, who is Chief Revenue Officer at Outreach. Other board members proposed to remain following the move public include D’Souza and Groetzinger, John Locke (Partner, Accel), Steve Hafner (co-founder and CEO, Kayak.com), and Laurel Richie (former President, WNBA and currently an executive leadership coach).

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SeatGeek’s move public comes as the company and other ticketing operations benefit from the accelerated recovery of live events as pandemic-related restrictions on audience have been rolled back over the past 12 months. The company recently announced record revenues for both Q4 and the full year of 2021. It was also recently announced as No. 3 in Future’s Marketplace 100 and a member of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative” for 2022 in the live events segment.

“SeatGeek’s mission is to transform the live event industry with technology and allow fans everywhere to experience more live,” said CEO Jack Groetzinger. “We’re delighted that Anna and Melissa have joined the SeatGeek Board, adding their wealth of expertise and experience. By combining our Board’s collective wisdom with SeatGeek’s push for innovation and care into the industry, we’ll continue to make sure our customers can and should expect more – more possibility, more creativity, and more delight.”

The full release announcing the post-merger board is available here.

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