Lady Gaga’s Miami show came to a halt due to inclement weather in the area on September 17. Being the last concert of her Chromatica Ball tour, the show was being performed to 65,000 fans when the singer paused it upon the lightning storm and advised the audience to calmly move to the inside area of Hard Rock Stadium.

Deciding that continuing the show would not be safe both for the audience and performers on stage because of the ongoing thunderstorm, Lady Gaga and organizers cancelled the concert when there had been six songs left for her to perform.

Taking to the stage to announce the show’s cancellation, Lady Gaga told the fans she was sorry that they couldn’t finish, but that she didn’t want to put their life in danger. She thanked fans for coming to the show and wished them to get home safely.

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The star later shared an apology message in tears on her Instagram account.

“We really tried to finish the show tonight in Miami but we couldn’t because even when the rain stopped there was lightning striking right down to the ground so close to us,” she said.

“I know that for a really long time I’ve always wanted to be like that hardcore bad b** but what I really want is to also be responsible and loving and I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to anybody in the audience or any member of my crew, my band, my dancers,” she added.

Making a reference to fans’ singing Gaga’s single Rain On Me amid the sounds of thunderstorm during the pause at the concert, she continued: “So I’m sorry that we didn’t get to do the epic performance of ‘Rain On Me’ in the rain, but what’s worth it to me is life.”

Gaga’s The Chromatica Ball summer stadium tour started in July as part of her Grammy-winning studio album, Chromatica. Miami concert was the final stop of the tour which headed to European cities, Canada, Japan, and some US cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and more. The tour had initially been planned for the summer of 2020, but has been been pushed back due to COVID several times before finally landing in the summer of 2022.