Tickets are selling at a brisk rate for the April 3rd game between the Al East New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies, yet there are still some good deals to be found if you are willing to shop around. At MEGASeats, which bills itself as a “no fees” marketplace, some tickets are selling more than 37% lower than the “official” seller Ticketmaster.

For example, purchasing two tickets in Section 410, Row 12, on the Ticketmaster site will cost you $75.86 after taxes and fees. You will only pay $27.76 for the Yankee tickets in the same row at MEGASeats – it’s not possible to know whether or not the tickets are the exact same pair, but tickets are often listed on multiple marketplaces. Even without the fees the Ticketmaster seats are nearly double the price than MEGASeats tickets. There are extensive examples of this price difference throughout the ballpark for this (and other) games.

There is a drastic pricing difference for consumers shopping for tickets on the “official” Ticketmaster page vs. competing marketplaces. Why such a stark difference in prices? (see the screenshot below, displaying the after-fee consumer price for the tickets available on both marketplaces).

Insomniac browser for ticketing professionals

Yankees tickets at MEGASeats with no fees

Recently, the US Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on the ticket market, slamming the cartel made up of Ticketmaster, Live Nation and teams for decreasing competition in the market by controlling venues and tickets. This monopoly which leads to less competition and out of control ticket prices. At the hearing, Sal Nuzzo, of non-profit think tank The James Madison Institute stated that, “there is one dominant market player, with more than 80 percent of the primary market. This allows them to leverage their dominance through service fees, exclusivity requirements, and other practices that are ultimately borne by consumers.”

Whether or not these hearings will lead to any real change and savings for consumers, ticketing sites like MEGASeats have stepped to the plate to provide some major savings for Yankees and Phillies fans on April 3rd.