Women are driving the live events industry and breaking records, accounting for nearly half of all sales during the summer season, according to the secondary ticketing site StubHub.

StubHub announced that the summer of 2023 achieved record-breaking concert sales worldwide, and it was certainly a summer to remember for female artists. The ticketing site said Taylor Swift and Beyonce helped account for 40% of StubHub’s global summer concert sales.

“We’ve never seen a summer like this in our history and we can, without a doubt, contribute this to Taylor Swift and Beyoncé,” StubHub spokesperson Adam Budelli said in a statement. “We are seeing the top female artists commanding higher ticket prices – the average ticket price for top female artists right now is $660, compared to $245 for top male artists.”

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Both Swift’s Eras Tour and Beyonce’s Renaissance trek have been global sensations; Swift’s tour is currently on track to becoming the highest-grossing tour of all time. 

Aside from the increase in sales thanks to women artists, StubHub said Gen-Z had a lot to do with the record-breaking summer. According to a new StubHub survey, conducted by YouGov to 2,468 adults across the U.S. ranging in age from 18 – 93, more than half of Gen Z said they would skip a major life event — like the birth of a family member or previously-booked travel plans — to see their favorite artist perform in the front row.

Additionally, nearly half of Gen Z would give up alcohol for six months to be able to score a front-row spot at their favorite artist’s show, while 34% would give up caffeine for six months. Even 24% of Gen Z respondents said they would give up sex for half a year for the front-row experience.

Other industries, like travel and fashion, have also been feeling the concert revolution; the study found that 18% of Gen Z 18% of millennials are more than twice as likely to have purchased a themed outfit for a concert compared to Gen X and nine times more likely than boomers. Gen Z and millenialls also said they would travel on their own expense to a city where they have no friends or family to attend a concert or sports game. StubHub noted that 50% of StubHub buyers for Swift’s Eras Tour international dates are from the U.S.

Concerts are also a defining moment for all generations; according to the survey, 78% of respondents would choose to put their phone down to experience their favorite song live, and 20% of adults named their first concert as a better memory than their first kiss or first job.

“People are rediscovering the value of experiencing a show as a community with other fans,” Budelli said.

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