Satirical indie-pop artist Oliver Tree has been pushing the boundaries with his music, and now, he’s set to break records by playing a show in one of the most remote areas of the world.

The “Life Goes On” singer spoke with Billboard and said that a concert at the South Pole is “finally happening at the end of the year.”

“I get to finally go to Antarctica and I can’t say too much about it,” Tree told the publication. “But I will say that I’m finally making the dream come to life. It’s a long time coming.”

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No official date has been confirmed at this time.

Antarctica, the least-populated continent in the world, sits almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle. While the coastal regions can reach temperatures of 10°C (50°F) in the summer, average lows are a whopping -80°C (-112°F).

Shows in Antarctica aren’t exactly common; the first-ever concert held in Antarctica was back in 2007 by the indie-rock group Nunatak — the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Researcg Station’s house band. The “Live Earth Concert” had a crowd of just 17 people.

Metallica followed in 2013 for a show dubbed “Freeze ‘Em All.” It was attended by 120 people near the heliport of Argentine Antarctica Base Carlini, making the metal group the only band to have ever performed on all seven continents in under a year.

Tree will follow their footsteps as the third-ever artist to perform in Antarctica. EDM DJ Diplo is also slated to take the stage at the Rothera Point Airport on December 13 as a part of his seven-day musical cruise, promising “live performances, ambient sound experiences, engaging discussions, and breathwork and yoga.”

Currently, Tree is on his Alone in a Crowd World Tour, slated to run through February 2024. The tour is in support of his third studio album, Alone in a Crowd, which dropped late September and features tracks “Bounce,” “Essence,” and “Miss You” with EDM’s Robin Schulz. He is best-known for massivel-successful hits “Life Goes On” and “Miss You” from his debut Ugly is Beautiful. 

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