Swifties with tickets to The Eras Tour in Europe and the U.K.: Ticketmaster has a message for you.

Ticketholders to Taylor Swift’s gigs this summer received an email from Ticketmaster this week regarding a change to the way they’re organizing the event. Previously, ticketholders were told that Ticketmaster’s terms and conditions stated that the “lead booker” of the tickets must be present at the event and attend in person. This sparked concern and confusion among Swifties, as some tickets were purchased as gifts by family or friends.

In the email shared to ticketholders, the ticketing giant said it updated the company’s terms and conditions as a part of  new policy.

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“We’re reaching out in case you were not already aware, to remind you that the terms and conditions relating to Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour shows taking place in the UK this summer, have been updated by the promoter,” the email read. “The ‘lead booker’ policy has been removed, meaning that the person whose name is on the Ticketmaster account used to purchase tickets is no longer required to attend the event.

“All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. We hope you enjoy the show!”

While fans rejoiced to hear the news, many were stressed to receive an email from Ticketmaster following Swift’s 2023 Eras Tour presale, now known as “The Great War.” The presale was so chaotic that it sparked an investigation by the Department of Justice into Live Nation and Ticketmaster’s 2010 merger, pointing to monopolistic and alleged anticompetitive practices, and led to a lawsuit against the ticketing giant, with fans claiming Ticketmaster violated breach of contract, fraud, negligence, negligent misrepresentation, and anti-trust violations.

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The Eras Tour has broken records — becoming the first tour to gross over $1 billion — cementing Swift as a musical, cultural, and economical phenomenon. While the “Cruel Summer” singer has proven she’s one to be reckoned with in the music industry, her tour also opened doors to questions within the ticketing industry. This year alone, fans of artists across all genres have been feeling the burn of Ticketmaster and Live Nation’s control of the industry with sky-high “platinum” and “dynamic” prices for acts like Olivia RodrigoMorgan WallenBad Bunny, and Noah Kahan. 

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Legislators have also openly spoken-out regarding the merger — which allows the pair to act as venue owners, operators, ticket sellers, and promoters simultaneously. During an event earlier this year,  dubbed “Swifties Revenge: The Case for Breaking Up Live Nation-Ticketmaster,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said while the country is easily divided on most issues, music is something that “really gets to people” and the lack of ability to get tickets has really “struck a nerve with people.”

“This isn’t a red issue or a blue issue, it’s an American issue,” Klobuchar said. “It’s time to stop admiring the problem and actually do something about it.”